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Montana Lawsuit Filed Against Boy Scouts of America
Everyman's lawyer – Attorney Matt Thiel's accomplishments result from wanting solution over outcome


     ...Not knowing his occupation, a first meeting with Missoula attorney Matt Thiel might prompt you to suppose that he's your son or daughter's new music teacher. He is nothing if not mild-mannered.

     But don't be fooled. Matt Thiel carries a big stick.

     Though he is not your average gangbusters attorney, Thiel's courteous and refined persona is no gauge of his legal chops for preparing and presenting an argument. Bottom line? You want this guy in your corner...

     Attorneys Matthew Theil, Gilion Dumas, and Kelly Clark addressed the media during a press conference on Sept. 7 at the Holiday Inn in Great Falls, where they announced a civil lawsuit against the Boy Scouts of America and the Montana Council of the Boy Scouts of America. (Click here for the full article).

     "The women say in the lawsuit that the Boy Scouts and the scouts' Montana Council failed to properly train and supervise Leininger, and even gave him their highest adult award, the Silver Beaver.

     The organization should have known Leininger was a risk and it should have warned the parents of the children of that risk, the lawsuit claims. There had been enough instances of sexual molestation at the hands of scout leaders by then that the organization should have foreseen Leininger's sexual abuse, the plaintiffs' attorneys said." (Click here for the full article).

     After 17 years on the payroll at Hillside Manor Nursing Home in Missoula, Kari Hoffman still relies on public welfare programs to help pay the rent each month. The soft-spoken, single mother of three says the work of a certified nursing assistant (CNA) may be intimate, exhausting and largely thankless, but it’s important, and she says she cares for Hillside’s elderly residents like they’re family...(click here for full article)


     Mere weeks before the Western Montana Fair is set to begin, its manager has abruptly resigned. Scot Meader declined Tuesday to discuss his reasons for stepping down after 4 1/2 years, but said he will stay on the job through the six-day fair...

     ... Steve Johnson, personnel director for Missoula County, met Tuesday with Meader's attorney, Matt Thiel, and hammered out the terms of Meader's departure. Johnson presented the agreement to the fair commission in its executive session later in the day...(click here and here for full articles)

Union fights to keep Hillside Manor staff in the fold
Fair manager abruptly resigns

Silent auction of artwork focusing on pets to benefit humane society

Mediation Clinic staffers win Bar's Mitchell Award

Detention officers campaign for better pay


     ...Nearly 50 works will be auctioned off, with final bidding during the closing reception on Nov. 18. Missoula lawyer Matt Thiel, who helped organize the event, said the show is a tribute to animal companions everywhere who become imbedded in our homes and lives.

     “They live in such proximity to us, provide us with a lot of support, lend us their ear,” he said. “People who do really love their pets try to involve them in every aspect of their lives.”

     Thiel, a board member for the Humane Society, is an artist too, and some of his work is included in the auction. Anna, his 5-year-old corgi, and Turbo, his 9-year-old long-hair dachshund, often are models for his painting...(click here for full article)

      ...But Matt Thiel, legal counsel for the Detention Officers Association of Missoula County, said it's imperative that the county close the wage gap between detention officers and other law enforcement agencies.

      "The pay disparity is built in, and it cannot be resolved without a significant wage increase," Thiel said. "The county has bought into the assumption that one group of uniformed employees is more important than the other."...(click here for full article)

      ...Matt Thiel was elected to the board of trustees of the State Bar in September of 2008. Thiel's firm is Thiel Law Office, PLLC, where his practice focuses on personal injury, labor law and estate and probate litigation and practice.


Missoulian, Sunday, November 02, 2008.

     The State Bar of Montana has bestowed the Carol Mitchell Award to three students who graduated in May from the University of Montana School of Law. They are Saul Seyler, Bina Peters and Kate Talley. ...(click here for full article)

Missoulian, Friday, May 17, 1996.

Missoulian, Tuesday, May 14, 1996. For full article click here.

Artist Matt Thiel paints the Ten Spoon Vineyard

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